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What brings us joy? Your long term success.

Business longevity is the ultimate goal. Making better decisions is key to this. 

Think of Hink as your business mirror. We are there when you need to look at what’s really going on. We reflect back what you need to see (but may not want to) in order to be your very best. Our goal is to work with your business for years, not months. We want to build meaningful relationships that have a lasting impact on the wider business ecosystem. 

2020 was a year of significant change, where even the smallest challenges have become difficult to navigate. We’ve been inspired by the resilient approach taken by business leaders and their teams during this period. Our workshops have been designed to facilitate the clear and creative thinking that is required, right now. 

Who we help?

We work with clients from a variety of business backgrounds and experiences. We have the best outcomes with those who identify as:

Our workshopper network

We believe that matching the right person with the right problem, is the key to a successful workshop outcome. 

That’s why we’re growing a network of amazingly awesome workshoppers from across the globe to help solve your business challenges. 

From culture and team building, to brand positioning and product development, there’s no business problem we can’t solve thanks to our diverse team of Hinkers. 

Effective decision making and creative problem solving can accelerate the growth of businesses and our job at Hink is to facilitate positive growth and change that ultimately makes the world a better place. 

Become a Hinker, and change the world.

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