Think. Differently.

In a world of endless noise and clutter, where everyone is desperate to be heard, we listen.

Is there a problem?

We are Workshoppers

Hink helps businesses to solve problems of any size, across any industry. Using a diverse mix of creative exercises and business tools we can help you and your team to find the answers. 

Currently, all of our workshops are delivered remotely via Zoom and with the help of some incredible interactive software we are able to provide a truly engaging environment.

Understand what’s really holding your business back

The Hink approach replaces open discussions and brainstorming with a structured process that leads to more ideas, clearer decisions and better outcomes. For everyone. We are here to help you join the dots. 

We believe that every team member in an organisation has value to add. Our workshops bring the best out of your brand and your team. 

Long term planning is tough just now, make it easier with clear decision making.

The workshops we offer

Quick fire decision making

  • Short, sharp and to the point
  • Using our trusted framework
  • Enable your team to make effective decisions
  • Make that key decision

Lightning Sprint

  • Define a specific challenge
  • Develop clear solutions
  • Prioritise effort and impact
  • Get actionable outcomes

Lego Serious Play

  • Innovate products and services
  • Nurture team building and culture
  • Make effective group decisions
  • Solve problems with creativity

Design Sprint 2.0

  • 4-day process for rapidly solving big problems
  • Fast and efficient product development
  • Define challenges, and build high-fidelity prototypes
  • Test outcomes on real users and make profitable decisions

Got a problem that doesn't fit a box?

Whatever your needs, we have them covered. We have a network of awesome people who can collectively solve almost any business challenge that you can imagine.

What are the outcomes of a workshop with Hink?

Our workshops provide an unbiased environment for teams to safely express and explore. We use creative problem solving techniques to ensure that our workshops are interactive and goal orientated. Our aim is to deliver value for everybody involved and to solve your most pressing challenges.

  • Actionable solutions
  • Innovate your products and services
  • Align your team
  • Test and iterate new ideas
  • Reconnect with your core customer
  • Make powerful, quick decisions
  • Sharpen your value propositiion
  • Clear next steps

Cannae Hink?

Nailed it.